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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

"Flock" from Firefox...... NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay - so I know that you dont want to hear about another browser. After all - it is just that - another browser right? In case of using Flock - you may very well be wrong. Especially if you are a blogger. This post was written directly from Flock - a firefox based browser. I know, you are saying, "Wait a minute... based on firefox? Does that mean......" - yes it means that you get all the cool functionality that you get with firefox, including the stability and the lightweightness but you get a couple of cool features including blogging directly to sites such as blogger and technorati integration. It also includes hooks to your Flickr account.

Flock browser

My coolest feature -- I can drag any picture/text from any site into the web-snippet area and use it in my blog directly. No more, "file -> save as", and "file -> open -> import" etc. It is just plain and easy.


Blogger T 1 said...

cool blog. Not a big fan of firefox. prefer opera instead. also ie has spoilt me in the days gone by.

11:57 PM  

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